Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emergency Room Saturday

Some years it seems that every flu, cough or cold that comes along plays a visit at our house.  This is truly one of those years.  Friday night started out pretty nicely as Zack got to bed at 8:30PM and then Shelly came to over to watch a movie with me on Netflix.  The movie was really good  - it was the 3rd movie in series based upon Steig Larsen's "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" books.  However around 11:00PM, there was commotion upstairs.  I heard a giant "thump" and then the sounds of running.  It was of course Zack.  He had jumped out of bed and made a head long dash to the bathroom.  You can imagine where this is going.....

It turned out that Zack was sick as a dog and had woken from a sound sleep to coat his room in vomit.  And by coating his room in vomit - I truly mean it.  He had puked everywhere!  Once he was done throwing up in the bathroom and I got him cleaned up and lying down on the couch in the family room, I set to cleaning up his room.  It was very nasty and it me about 30 minutes to get everything in state in which I had things cleaned up, had clean sheets on the bed and had him lying down to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, this was not a one time event.  Over the next 7 hours Zack proceed to puke at least 7 or 8 more times.  It got to the point where there was absolutely nothing left in his system to puke out and he could only heave up small amounts of bile.  He was looking so bad that at 6:00AM we decided he needed to go to the hospital to get re-hydrated and get some medicine to stop the vomiting.

We took him to Skyridge hospital in Lonetree and thankfully their ER was pretty dead.  As soon as we got checked in they got him into a room and we had a nurse come in.  It only took about 20 minutes until a doctor came in to see us.  The doctor felt he probably either had food poisoning or some kind of viral stomach flu.  The treatment was pretty simple - get him re-hydrated with lots of fluids and give him an anti-nausea medication.

Over the course of the next 6 hours he was filled up with 2 liters of fluid and 2 doses of anti-nausea medication.  We finally got the green light to walk out of the place around 12:30PM.  Zack was a trooper throughout the entire process.  He didn't even make a fuss when they needed to put the needle in his arm for the IV.

Zack spent the rest of Saturday on the couch sleeping and watching TV.  But you could tell he was feeling much better and by the end of the day he was feeling almost back to normal.  I missed my team in training workout for Saturday as a result of his trip to the ER - which was a bummer, but Zack is so much more important than my running!

This evening he managed to have his first food besides crackers since Friday night.  He will be going back to school tomorrow as he missed 3 days for the flu back at the end of January and I don't want him to miss any more if possible.

That was the main story of our weekend.  Now I just want all the illness and sickness to go away and not come back!  I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a good week ahead.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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