Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap!

It's Monday evening and another weekend has flown past.  It is really unbelievable to me how quickly time can go by when you are not committed to doing things for work.  For most people when it comes to work, time seems to crawl.  I guess that is indicative of whether or not you love your work.  You can be the judge of what I think of my work.

Our weekend was busy and fun.  We had a bunch of things going on and we made it active.  The weather was great - though a little chilly for the beginning of May.  At least we did not have any snow as our May 1st snow storm has left most Coloradans wanting for the snow to end.

Saturday morning started bright and early with our first activity of the weekend - The Denver Furry Scurry.  The Furry Scurry is a fundraiser for Denver's Dumb Friends League (DDFL) which is the largest animal shelter in the metro area.  Basically it is a two mile dog walk around the lakes at Denver's Washington Park.  It's not a race or anything like that.  You just bring your dogs, give your contribution of however much, get a T-Shirt and walk around the park.  Of course there are hundreds of vendors hawking anything and everything that has to do with dogs.

From the estimates on the DDFL website it was anticipated that there would in excess of 5,000 dogs and their humans at the park for the event.  Have you ever walked two miles in the midst of 5,000 or more dogs?  It is an adventure!  All the dogs were exceedingly well behaved and every human was armed with several bags to pick up whatever the pups left behind.  So it wasn't crazy from either of those viewpoints.  It was crazy from the perspective of trying to keep your dog walking in a coherent manner when there are so many other interesting thing (many other dogs) around.

Both Finn and Lex did well.  I had imagined that Lex was going to be a handful, but once we started walking he was calm and well behaved.  Finn on the other hand gave Zack a workout.  (I was handling Lex on his leash and Zack had Finn.)  Finn just wanted to investigate everything!  He was amazed by all the smells, sounds and sights around him and had to check each one out.  In no way was he bad, he was just rambunctious.  Lisa came with us, so it was a very enjoyable early Saturday morning activity for all three of us!

(The pups, the boy and me.  Zack is only about 2 1/2 inches shorter than me!!)

(Zack and Lisa)

After the Furry Scurry, Zack and I spent some time at home just getting things done around the house.  In a departure from the normal, Zack actually agreed with me and did his homework on Saturday as opposed to waiting until Sunday.  I was truly amazed.

For Zack, Saturday evening's activity was unfortunately an over 21 affair.  Chris Hardwick the comedian from Comedy Central and the host of AMC's Talking Dead, was performing at the downtown Comedy Works on Saturday night, and Lisa had gotten tickets for us and her oldest son.  The three of us headed downtown around 5:00PM so that we could have dinner before the show.  We ate at a restaurant to which I had never been before called Tom's Urban 24. It's located right in Larimer Square in the same building as the Comedy Works.  They have an eclectic menu with a wide variety of choices.  It's a good restaurant, and we will go back again I am sure.

After dinner we spent some time wandering around the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop.  It was fun to see all the old time candy and all the very unusual kinds of soda that they have.  They actually sell a Buffalo Wing flavored soda!  I love Buffalo Wings, but that just sounds gross to have in a soda.  Needless to say, they have just about every flavor of soda under the sun in the store - some good, some bad and some just horrible, like the Buffalo Wing flavored soda.

(Buffalo Wing Soda... Really???)

 (Love the name - spaz juice)

After getting some laughs looking at all the weird sodas and vintage types of candy, we headed over to the Comedy Works.  The place was absolutely packed as everyone seems to think Chris Hardwick is one funny dude!  The guy who was "hosting" the show really sucked if you asked me, but that could just be me.  The two opening acts were good.  They kept us laughing a lot!  Chris was in a league unto himself however.  I've seen numerous live comedy shows before, but he was unique in the fact that it seem he walked on stage with out knowing what he was going to say.  Yeah - he probably had some themes or ideas flushed out, but most of his act really involved in playing off of the audience.  He was amazing in terms of how quickly he could respond to something put out by an audience member with a really funny take on it.  Anyway - he was great and all three of us really enjoyed the show.

That was it for our Saturday.  Sunday wasn't as eventful of a day. Our only major activity for this day was going to see Ironman 3.  Having heard different reviews about the movie - some people liked it while others didn't, I was surprised to find that I liked it no questions asked.

After the movie, we caught a quick dinner at Noodles & Company with Lisa and her one son and then it was home to hunker down and get ready for the week.  Though Zack never likes when Sunday night rolls around, he was happy to note that he only has 4 more weeks of school remaining before summer break arrives!

I hope the week has started well for everyone.  And as always - thanks for reading!

Thanks and peace to all! ~ J.

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