Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Great Blogs to Call Attention To

As a long standing blog writer, I am always interested to see what other blog writers are up to.  To that end, I frequently find myself trolling through blog after blog on either Blogger or Wordpress - two of the largest blogging sites of which I am aware.  Though my trolling I have found a bunch of blogs to which I return on a regular basis. There are two blogs that I have been reading for a while that I wanted to which I wanted to call of my readers attention.

The first blog is called "Nature's Blog" and it is written by a gentleman by the name of Robert Folzenlogen who makes Littleton, Colorado his home for part of the year.  His blog provides a great viewpoint of some of the natural phenomena that shape the world around us.  Given his part time home is here in Colorado he tends to write a lot about the environment and nature of this great state.  However, he has traveled far and wide and has written about many different areas of the world.

Another thing that makes Robert's blog impressive is the fact that he posts a new entry practically every day!  That is an impressive feat for someone who is not a full time writer.  I can't even keep up with blogs I read, let alone post an entry to this blog every day!

If you have any interest in the natural state of the world, I would recommend you look up this blog. The web address is  It's definitely worth your while!

Another blog that I have found interesting for a variety of different reasons is Carletta's "Round the Bend".  The author is a woman by the name of Carletta. I don't know anything more about her than that and what small amount of information she has written in her blogger profile.  I am attracted to this blog because Carletta seems to find beauty in every day things.  A post I found indicative of her ability to do this was her description of a two silos on a farm.  She described her discovery of these silos on a casual Sunday afternoon drive with her husband.  Driving through a rural area of Southeast Missouri, they came across an old barn with two silos attached.  The silos were at opposite ends of the barn and created an interesting image in her minds eye.  In addition to the striking descriptions that Carletta writes about the places and objects that she see, her photography is quite striking.  Several of her last blog posts have featured photos of birds that have flocked to her bird feeders to find food during recent snow storms.

The address for Carletta's "Round the Bend" is

These are just two of the dozens of blogs that I try to follow.  These are interesting blogs to me and I hope you might find them to be interesting too!

Day-to-day life has been moving in a very boring pattern for the last several weeks.  It seems that each day I need to rise earlier to deal with more and more issues coming out of work.  This week I have consistently had meetings scheduled for 5:30AM every morning.  Unfortunately, I have woken on many days to find that these meetings have been cancelled.

Throughout the day, the pressures of work seem to be mounting with each passing hour.  My business unit had a very successful 2012 but the end result has been that senior executive management have made us responsible for achieving more results.  This has translated into a day-to-day pressure level that is going through the roof.  But it seems par for the course these days.  Each January we are presented with a more challenging set of profitability requirements by executive leadership and we are forced to become more and more creative in terms of how we can reach those goals.

The real pressure of the day begins however when Zack returns home from school.  Zack is in a make or break position as he heads into high school next year.  He really needs to achieve great grades across the board or he risks missing out on the opportunity to take Advanced Placement track classes in his freshman year.  I am trying to help him see the importance of every single assignment on which he works.  Despite his ability he seems to really struggle with the motivation to get good grades.  I am hoping that we can truly reverse this motivational issue in the coming days and weeks.  It doesn't help either that he has been sick with a cold all week.  That has done nothing to improve his motivational levels!

As we head into the weekend we are looking forward to having some time to finally relax after a crazy week.  We don't have anything extensive planned for the weekend.  Originally we had planned to go to the mountains, but then it became clear that Zack was still going to be sick so for that and several other reasons - the main one being that I am just exhausted, we decided to postpone our trip to the mountains until next weekend.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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