Thursday, October 4, 2012

Late Night Ramblings

It's late at night and I am not sleeping.  Thoughts of the day are keeping me awake when I should be asleep as my first meeting of Thursday is only 4.25 hours away.

In no particular order here are the thoughts that are going through my mind at this time:

- I am very fearful that the douche bag, tax dodger Mitt Romney is going to win the presidential election.

- Even if the douche bag, tax dodger Mitt Romney wins the election of 2012, I am sure that Democratic majorities will be returned to the US House of Representatives and Senate in 2014.  Democrats will also win the US Presidency in 2016 even if they field a mass murder or drag queen as their candidate.

- I have a love hate relationship with my physical therapists.  I hate them because the amount of pain they cause me.  I love them because they are solving the basic issues with my body that caused the stress fracture in my leg and the herniated discs in my back.

- Work sucks. 

- For the entire extent of my 10+ year career with IBM I have been faking it.  I am not sure how I have gotten promoted, been rated as one of the top performing executives and gotten good raises and bonuses when I have no clue what I am doing.

- Though I like sleeping, I feel it is highly overrated.  Sleep is for pussies.  Give me 4 hours of sleep per night and I will be certain to sleep through at least one 5AM meeting per week.  Oops!  (And yes that really happened this morning, as I didn't wake up until 5:27AM.  I meekly dialed into my 5AM conference call and pretended I had been on the call all along.  Damn you Mark Baker for figuring it out!)

- My son is the greatest thing in my entire life.  Without a doubt worrying about him does enough to keep me awake that I probably will never sleep in my life again.

- Zack will make a great contribution to some arcane field of science in his life.  Before he is 50 he will have a Wikipedia entry describing his contributions to a very unique branch of physics.  Despite his geekiness he will find a "chicka" who is turned on by the size of his brain and will have at least  5 children to make for the fact that he didn't have a brother or sister.

- I love my dogs so much and wish I could actually talk to them.  Lex I wish you could tell me what you are thinking.

- Lex, though you might not want to admit it, I think Finnegan has a slightly higher IQ than you.  Face it old pup, Finn figured out to try both the door into the kitchen and basement to see where I was and you will only ever try one.

- I really, really want my contractor to finish the remaining 3 things that need to be done with my kitchen/family room model.

- Move over Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt has now been added to my "Celebrity Free Pass" list.  That is...  I have added Emily Blunt to the list of celebrities to whom I will tell my partner I can have sex with and it not be considered cheating. 

- The Great American Beer Festival is only 1 week and 1 day away!  My goal for this year's festival is to sample at least 80 different beers.  I intend to keep track this year.

- It's 1;15AM and I think I am actually starting to get sleepy!  Yeah - it is time to get some z's and check out for the rest of the night.

- I am currently dating the hottest mamacita in the Denver Metro area.

Thanks so much - please add comments with whatever you are thinking as you read this post.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


Mjs said...

What were you drinking??????lol....

Mjs said...

Question: What were you drinking? - the bumper stickers are apparently not correct????lol.....

Jerry Kromer said...

Millie, I wasn't drinking anything. Seriously. I was just in a funny mood and couldn't sleep. I think I was just really upset about the prospect of Romney winning the election. In retrospect I know that isn't going to happen but on Weds night I was thinking that. The press was all over the debate even though Romney won because he lied through his teeth. I'm sure you totally agree with me on my concerns ... Just teasing as I know your political persuasion is different than mine. :-)