Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twelve years ago today!

Twelve years ago today I sat in a birthing room at Swedish Hospital waiting for the greatest event in my life to occur - the birth of my son.  The night was long and the chair I sat in was uncomfortable - but it was no where near the discomfort that Patty was feeling as she went into labor.  Due to a number of different circumstances the labor was induced and my son was to enter the world on a day of our choosing - July 31.  We chose this day due to it's significance - no Harry Potter hadn't yet been published so the world didn't know that July 31 was Harry Potter Birthday.  It was my Mom's birthday and given the place she found herself in - newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer it served as a lift to her spirits.

My son - as I didn't even know him as Zack back then - struggled mightly to be born.  As the labor process continued he was showing signs of great distress.  When at last he entered the world around 3:10PM on July 31st, the attending physician was not optimistic as one of the first words out of his mouth once Zack was born was to call a "code blue".  As the nursing staff scrambled to bring life into this little boy, my son decided to make his entrance into this world.  After 30 seconds of being worked on by the nurses, he let go with the loudest scream I can ever remember hearing.  He was declaring that he was alive and he was here to stay!

So tonight as I write the tears stream down my face as I remember that day my son was born.  It wasn't until 24 hours later that we solved the debate between naming him Zachary or Ethan.  But at 3:10PM on July 31st he entered the world.  I know I am  better person for what happened at 3:10PM twelve years ago.  I have learned so much and grown so much because of that wonderful boy who was born that day.  I think the world is a better place for having Zack enter it.  With his unboundless happiness, joy and goodness he makes the world a much more special place for all those who know him.  I don't know what Zack is going to do in life, but all I can say is...  Happy Birthday Zackie!  You are the light of my soul and joy of my heart.  Without I am nothing!

Love you Z - Dad!

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zoomommy2 said...

Zack is very lucky to have you as his Dad!