Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I Might Get for Christmas

Before Patty got sick, I could always count on finding a lot of presents under the Christmas tree every Christmas morning. Obviously since she is now gone that is definitely not the case as Zack really doesn't get out and buy me any Christmas presents. I have found significant joy in just giving gifts these last couple of years. It is something that has made me feel very good. But this year might be a little different. Why might it be different - because I am considering buying myself two very unusual Christmas presents this year. Or... they might be birthday presents for myself. What are these presents - two Llamas! Yes - that is right two llamas. Now most people reading this blog are probably thinking I am off my rocker. It goes without saying that is absolutely true - but that has nothing to do with me buy llamas! So why would I seriously want to buy two llamas? In many of my past blog entries I have talked about my desire to become a much better nature photographer. The problem with that is you have to carry many pounds worth of equipment far into the back country up very steep hills. That wasn't so much of a problem when I was in my 20's or 30's, but now that I am in my 40's my shoulders have a tough time supporting an 80lb backpack. So - llamas are the answer! They can carry my back packs for me and I can go merrily about my way without breaking my back. Most of my friends think I am joking when I talk about getting llama. My friend Shelly has told me I have a case of llama love. It has even been suggested that I get two llamas so I don't have a lonely llama. Oh my..... I do know that this is quite humorous, but I am seriously considering buying llamas. Now most of you are wondering - where is Jerry going to get a llama? I have done some research and there are several farms here in Colorado that sell llamas. They aren't even that expensive. You can get a good health male that is capable of carrying between 80 - 120 lbs for an inexpensive $500. The next question is what am I going to do with 2 llamas when I am not using them to carry my backpacks for me? My neighbors in Willow Creek do not need to be concerned as I am not going to introduce 2 llamas into my back yard! I have started to investigate various ranchs and farms in which I could board my llama and I have found several in the Parker area. I may not have Mr. and Mrs. Llama at Christmas time, but you can better believe that I will have them by next spring! Thanks and have a llllllllovely llama day tomorrow! ~J.

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